What is a range hood? Does my kitchen even need one?

If you are like many people, you may have never noticed your range hood until you stumbled upon the button that gave you extra light to cook your dinner. As nice as that extra light is, that is not the reason you have a range hood in your home. And no, it’s not just a large piece of metal taking up extra space under your cabinets, either.

A range hood fits over your kitchen stove – whether against a wall, on an island, or outside. Its purpose is to provide ventilation in the cooking areas of your home or business, and it’s an essential appliance for the best cooking experience in a clean, healthy kitchen. 

Island Range Hood in Kitchen

Keeps Your Kitchen Clean and Fresh

When you whip up that amazingly meal for a hungry family, the resulting grease can become airborne. If your range hood is not in operation, you’ll be left with a sticky residue, settling on the surfaces of your kitchen that catch dirt and increase the chances of mildew.

Heat and steam add to the unpleasant atmosphere created when a there is not a system to suck out the steam, oils, and odors. Range hoods move these unpleasant factors outside your home, replacing them with cool, fresh air.

Prevents Odors from Lingering in Other Areas of Your Home

While some dishes might taste fabulous, you might not want your entire home smelling like them for an extended period of time. A good range hood prevents this from happening so once you are done cooking, you can enjoy that meal in a more enjoyable atmosphere

A Healthier Kitchen

Yes, the creative act of cooking may be an esteemed artistic expression for the culinary type, but the equipment and heat used, and pollutants that are released in the process, can be quite harmful. They are some of the main causes of carbon monoxide poisoning. And those accidentally scorched cookies and Thanksgiving turkeys? They can release harmful carcinogenic smoke into your home. Additionally, the excess moisture and food residues can lead to mold and bacteria that may adversely affect your health.

All important reasons why a high-quality hood is essential to the well-being of you, your family, or employees.A range hood is an effective filter for these pollutants, and may be particularly beneficial for those with allergies.

Types of Range Hoods

There are many types and sizes of range hoods available. The size you will need will depend on the size of your range and cooking space. Higher powered models will vent fumes more quickly than lower powered models, which is referred to as CFM (centrifugal motor).

They can also be a beautiful piece of highly functional décor. ShopRangeHoods.com offers more than 200 range hood options, so there is sure to be a range hood that suits your needs.

Wall Mount or Chimney Style Range Hoods

wall hood white kitchen

A wall mount appliance is one of the more common installation types. They are used for ranges that are installed – you guessed it - against a wall. For this type of range hood you will need to have a clear space above your range as well as space that extends out slightly more than the width. This style of hood offers the most ventilation for kitchens with ranges installed against the same wall. The only disadvantage is that you will likely not have room for a cabinet or microwave oven above your range.

Island or Ceiling Mount Range Hoods

Ranges installed over kitchen islands require a hood that is vented through the ceiling. This type of hood requires more time and skill to install, so finding an experienced contractor is highly encouraged - and well worth the little bit of extra time and installation cost.

Under Cabinet Range Hoods

If your existing kitchen has a cabinet or microwave above your range, then you will need an under cabinet range hood. Although these offer less ventilation power than a chimney style hood due to their small size, they are an excellent choice for smaller kitchens . They are easy to install and are generally lower in cost than other range hoods.

Under cabinet range hood black


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